Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) was established in 1972 by order of the President as an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH&FW). The objectives, rules & regulations of the Council were formulated by resolution of the MOH&FW in 1974 & 1976.

As per resolution of the Government, BMRC is the focal point for Health Research. The objectives of BMRC are to identify problems and issues relating to medical and health sciences and to determine priority areas in research on the basis of health care needs, goals, policies and objectives.

BMRC has a General Body with 54 members representing post-graduate medical institutes, medical colleges, universities, learned societies, medical institutions, health related organizations, various divisions and departments of ministries dealing with medical education, services and research. The General Body elects the Executive Committee. It is headed by the Chairman, Executive Committee, elected from among the members of the General Body.

The Mission of the Council is to create effective and quality health care facilities for the whole population of the Country by promoting health research through strengthening of research facilities, training and dissemination of research results. The main activities of the Council include: organization and promotion of scientific research in various fields of Health Science, training of manpower in the field of health research and dissemination of research results for proper utilization.